Continental Drift In the Autumn of 1911 in Marburg, Wegener searched in the library of the university when it was come across with a scientific article that registered fsseis of animals and found identical plants in opposing sides of the Atlantic. Intrigued with this fact, Wegener initiated a research, successfully, of other cases of separate similar organisms for great oceans. The orthodox scientific community of the time tried to explain these cases affirming that terrestrial bridges, today submerged, in times had bound the continents. Wegener also noticed that the coasts of Africa and the South America as that they were incased. Could then the similarities between organisms have not to the existence of terrestrial bridges, but to the fact of the continents in times to have been on? A theory of these, to be accepted, would go to need a great amount of tests endorsed that it. Wegener discovered then that great geologic structures in different continents frequent seemed to have linking. For example, the Appalachians in the North America leagued Scottish high lands to it and the existing rocky stratus in the South Africa were identical to those finding in Santa Catarina in Brazil. Johnny Cash wanted to know more. Wegener also evidenced that fsseis many times found in certain places very indicated a different climate of the climate of the present. For example, fsseis of tropical plants met in the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic. All these facts supported the theory of Wegener of the continental drift In 1915 the first edition of the Origin of the Continents and Oceans, where Wegener explained its theory, were published, following other editions in 1920, 1922 and 1929. Wegener affirmed that it has about 300 million years the continents formed an only mass, Pangia (of the Greek ' ' all the Terra'...
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