Junger What lived in the original myth as it became in the logos of reason only one original design. There are still today who uses the term originates with the original meaning, as Paniker or scholiasts Junger, etc. The strongly left unchecked Esthet Originally these meanings rationalizing the origin. This distinction between the original and the original founding in Esthet because it clarifies that the origin is transcendental subject is the work of grace and not of our making or efficient causality in this sense is inclusive of all "real" and virtual actions facts, events. In "rialidad" being is not a unit but Parmenidean unit under the principle of identity being is and can not not be, being is the most powerful unit that gives integrity, integrity is the nature of being that integrates it the virtual plurality, as a full measure of power, includes, by exclusion - all possibilities ie the power of acts. The principle of integrity, we believe, is the only way to save the appearance in reality, the only way to give back to their origin fabrications contrived the principle of identity which is the basis of all thought that, as noted, produces unbridgeable schism between subject and object. The diversion of rationality is immanent to believe that the subject produces reality. The error is around philosophical idealism. Originally Esthet ideality The philosopher is aware of the original reality and grace at work in us. Rather than work that we do. The solution for this lies always in the subject's inherent witness, all our intentions to seize sound source.
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