Basil Sweet basil (gardening) (Ocimum basilicum L.) - annual herb of the family (Lamiaceae). In the wild it grows in Iran, India, China and some other countries in the feral state occurs in southern Asia, Africa, Tropical America, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Root branching, is located superficially. Stem straight, tetrahedral, silnovetvisty, 50-70 cm tall, leafy well. The leaves are short, oblong-ovate, rarely toothed. Stem, leaves and calyx covered with hairs. Bilabiate flowers, white, pale pink, rarely purple, are collected in false whorls. The fruit consists of four brown nuts, which after maturation are separated from one another. Weight of 1000 seeds 0,5-0,8 Seeds remain viable, the four or five years. Biological features require warmth, light, moisture and soil. The seeds germinate when soil temperatures are not below 10 C, with 20 - 22 C seedlings appear after 10-14 days, with 30 - 35 C - six or seven days. Blooms in June - August, a massive bloom occurs in mid-July. Fruiting in August - September. Needs moisture, especially during germination seeds and early flowering. In the central part of Russia it is grown in areas with southern exposure, sheltered from north winds. Reproduction and agrotechniques propagated by seed. In the southern parts of the country are grown in a sowing of seeds soil and seedlings. In the central zone for seed purposes are used only multipallets culture, to obtain green seeds are sown in the soil. Under the sweet basil assign well-drained, loamy and sandy soil, carefully filled with organic fertilizers.
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