Fritz Perls He was elected to Milton Erickson (Hypno-therapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist), Fritz Perls (originator of gestalt therapy), and Carl Rogers, in order to replicate their skills. Found that there were certain constants in his successful practice and proceeded to data collection. Once achieved, they classified them and obtained a certain number of patterns for a general model of interpersonal influence. You could say that the origin of his research developed by Grinderf and Bandler was curious to understand how through communication and language changes occurred in people's behavior. It is important to emphasize that the Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an educational tool. It teaches us how the brain works and their models and techniques can be used to perform therapy, education, business, personal development, sales and many other applications. Through the study of observation, found that these therapists had in common a structure or way to interact, allowing them access to a series of powerful communication models to establish some rules or guidelines useful for the goal in different areas of work, within the field of education. IMPACT generate magic does not mean only being able to reproduce the magic of others, also involves being able to go beyond. Now, unfortunately something happened with the passage of time, the majority of teachers and practitioners of NLP today forgot to generate magic. Even today to many NLP trainings are them could baptize as the explanation of the structure of the structure of magic techniques. These trainings they explain you a thousand steps in order to reproduce and apply some techniques, but techniques are not NLP and more importantly the techniques alone do not produce the magic. The P.N.L. specializes in the efficient use of our senses to capture the signs that reveal the activities of thinking of oneself and of others. For...
Mediterranean Sea Printing There are 'churning' of paint, fluorescent (glow in the dark), with special reflective paint properties, temperature-sensitive, metal, etc. For example, fabrics are ideal plastisol ink (after drying become to the touch as a thin layer of rubber). Optionally, the image can be made convex, using special additives, and subsequent heat treatment paint up the dough, creating the effect of three-dimensional image. For screen printing virtually no restrictions, not only in the use of materials printing, but also in size sealing. Visit Tom Sawyer for more clarity on the issue. There is a large-screen printing, where the image is measured by the meter. Also applied this method to print on large products, such as the fuselage and other transportation sredstv.V of small print can have elements of figure 0.2 mm or less, for example, the pattern of printed circuit boards for microelectronics ustroystv. printing has other specific applications: - adhesive through a special template made with a laser, to contact pads of printed circuit boards for subsequent attachment of radio - and phosphor printing conductive pastes to receiving glowing panels for technical applications and advertising, etc. Silk is probably the most ancient and practical method for printing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Abraham Lincoln. His story relates to the distant centuries bc. According to the extant historical facts, silk screening, may have originated near the , to be precise, the area between Mesopotamia and Phoenicia. Many of the special coincidence suggests that the guardians of silk, which was then considered as art, were the Phoenicians. Archaeological findings and historical research shows that the Phoenicians (or a neighboring nation) have found a way to reproduce images, at least in tissue, using technologies, which, of course, have nothing in common with modern ones.