Choice Soles How to choose a shoe? Shopping Tips Before you make a purchase, decide for themselves what is available to you? What would you like to buy shoes, boots, shoes or sandals? For what purpose you are buying shoes - for walking at work, for everyday use or for festive outputs? What would you like to choose a model - is there you have it in mind or you are ready to buy something like that? In addition, you should know what materials you want wear obuv.Naturalnye materials (skin) have high hygienic properties, good absorbency, they are environmentally friendly in nature. Footwear made of artificial materials can be much brighter and more beautiful. From it now made a lot of youth collections. Artificial footwear has a much poorer hygienic properties than natural. However, synthetic shoes deshevle.Chto much you need to know about the soles? Soles may be leather. Leather soles usually do for the classical or so-called office shoes. Model, this shoe is usually very beautiful. These shoes are made for indoor use. Leather soles have good elasticity, but not enough solid for walking on asphalt, especially in wet weather. If you decide to use this shoe for everyday wear, go to the shop and take on the sole prevention, it will increase the longevity of your .Podoshva can be combined with partial application of artificial polymers or entirely of artificial polymers used for the manufacture of soles, For example - an elastomer, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), tramporent. These materials have high reliability, strength, elasticity and durability.
Energy Efficiency In addition to ensuring safe production, small-scale energy solutions can achieve greater efficiency due to higher specific efficiency, and also by reducing transmission losses of electricity and heat. On sources that each consumer will build for themselves, the electrical efficiency can be increased to 40%, and overall efficiency achieved with the use of heat recovery to 8690%. The best option is an integrated approach to energy companies, when in addition to large-scale power plant being built in mini-CHP plants, diesel-or gas-diesel plant. Construction CHP in industry can achieve the following results: To reduce the power shortage caused by the deterioration of the grid get electricity and heat in a high quality direct proximity to the consumer and reduce, therefore, loss of transportation increase the reliability of power supply backup power supply backup energy source-now need for industrial companies working around the clock cycle, medical institutions and banks. The absence of a backup source of energy can lead to inactivity and as a consequence of material damage. Proper accounting rate simultaneity of the equipment, the removal of peak load by accumulating systems, construction management process, the use of energy-saving solutions without compromising quality permit reduce power to 2030%, and capital and operating costs of the energy complex. ENERGY housing feasibility of building a mini-CHP for utilities wear motivated largely by thermal power plants Russia, modernization which is inefficient, high cost and "stretched" in time. Combined generation of electricity and heat (CHP) - is the most effective way to save fuel as in utilities and in industry.